Dragon Six Kata
  1. Begin facing the instructor with your feet together and your hands at your sides.
  2. Bow
  3. Step up with your right foot into a hard bow stance.
  4. Double Palm strike to the front.
  5. Left Upper Cut to the front.
  6. Left Axe Kick to the front.
  7. Right Crescent Kick to the front.
  8. Double Spear Hands to the front.
  9. Pivot to the rear and do Double Knife Hand Strike.
  10. Right Front Snap Kick to the rear.
  11. Right Shuffle Wheel Kick to the rear.
  12. Pivot to the front and do a right Knee.
  13. Step right foot forward into a hard bow stance.
  14. Head Butt.
  15. Step left foot forward to the right into a nuetral stance.
  16. Bow

Dragon 5 Kata  Dragon's Corner